🪙PRTC Token

The native token for Protectorate Protocol is the PRTC Token. PRTC serves as a governance token for the DAO, allowing holders to vote on Protectorate Governance Proposals. By staking their PRTC tokens as xPRTC, stakers can earn a portion of all protocol revenue. PRTC emissions in the form of oPRTC are distributed to liquidity providers as incentives that align them with the protocol (more info on oPRTC below).

xPRTC (Staked PRTC)

To participate in governance and vote on Protectorate Governance Proposals, PRTC tokens need to be staked as xPRTC. xPRTC stakers will receive 10% of ETH Capsule & POL revenue, as well as 50% of Zaar revenue, distributed in ETH.

oPRTC (Options PRTC)

oPRTC (Call Option PRTC), inspired by TapiocaDAO & Timeless Finance, allows the holder to earn PRTC at a discount relative to the market price. The discount is time-weighted, enabling users to realize a gradually increasing discount relative to the time they wait after claiming their oPRTC rewards, to exercise their oPRTC.

The current discount for oPRTC is set to 5% at the time of claiming, ranging to a maximum of 50% on the max time frame of claim. oPRTC is an American-style Call Option which means that it can be exercised anytime before expiry, its worth noting the current expiry of oPRTC is yet to be finalized. The discount value can be changed via governance when the Protectorate DAO is formed.

Why oPRTC?

Protectorate Protocol's primary focus is on aligning incentives between the protocol, its token holders, and liquidity providers. To grow and defend the value of the protocol while incentivizing token holders & liquidity providers, oPRTC serves as the most seamless way to achieve this balance by:

  • Alleviating sell pressure.

  • Building a strong treasury of non-protocol-native assets (ETH, stablecoins, etc).

  • Disincentivizing mercenary liquidity providers, increasing loyalty.

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