💰Your Wallet

From your wallet, you can deposit or withdraw NFTs and ETH, plus view and manage your portfolio.

Access your wallet at anytime using the /wallet command, or from the homepage.

Depositing Funds and NFTs

Transfer ETH and NFTs to Zaar at any time by sending them to your Zaar address. You can find this address on the homepage, using the /deposit command, or by tapping deposit from your wallet.

Do not transfer ERC20s to your Zaar wallet. You will not be able to withdraw them.

Withdrawing Funds

From your wallet, select "Withdraw" and tap "ETH". Specify the amount you would like to withdraw and the wallet to withdraw to. This will initiate a basic ETH transfer to the external wallet. Please note you will no longer accrue TVL rewards for ETH that has been moved off-platform.

Withdrawing NFTs

From your wallet, select "Withdraw" and tap "NFTs". Specify the address you would like to withdraw your NFTs to. You will also have the option to save this address to your favorites, so on future withdraws you will not need to enter your address again.

Once you've entered your address or selected a previously favorited address, select the collection you would like to withdraw from. Then, tap "Withdraw" for each NFT you would like to withdraw.


Your wallet also provides easy access to all collections you currently hold. From the "Portfolio" button, you can navigate directly to those collection pages to buy, sell, list, or bid.

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