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Zaar Tutorial

You can access Zaar directly from Telegram by messaging @ZaarTradingBot, or directly accessing the app here. When you first enter Zaar, you'll be granted a wallet unique to your account. No one has access to this wallet besides you, not even the Zaar team.

Add Funds to Your Wallet

Before completing any actions on Zaar you'll need some ETH in your wallet. To deposit ETH into Zaar, simply transfer any amount to the wallet address shown when you start the bot. You can also type /deposit at any time to bring up your address.

Search NFT Listings

With Zaar, you're not only searching listings created on Zaar, but across all major exchanges. This means you get the best possible price, every time.

You can also start a search using the /search command.

Navigate home with /start, /home, or by pressing any home button. From the home screen, tap Search and enter a query. If there's a match, Zaar will bring up a list of results along with the floor price of each. Tap any result to bring up the collection page.

We've created a collection specifically for first-time Zaar users. Find it by searching "Zaar Beta Test".

Purchase an NFT

From the collection page, you'll see all the info you need to make trades on the collection. To make your purchase, you can either browse the floor (if you're looking for a specific token) or insta-buy in bulk using the buy menu.

Browse the floor and check out the tokens for sale. Purchase any instantly by tapping its corresponding Buy button.

Back on the collection page, tap the Buy Menu button to buy in bulk. From the buy menu, you can instantly purchase multiple NFTs, sweep the entire floor, and more. Any of these actions will provide you with a confirmation message and the final price before submitting the trade.

Note: Zaar's 1% fee will be added to all buys and sells. This fee is specified in the confirmation message for transparency.

Once you confirm the trade the transaction will be submitted. Once complete, the message will update with the completed transaction's Etherscan URL.

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